Saturday, April 18, 2015

What is your budgeting personality?

I shall center this article on budgeting, but my analysis applies to all aspects of life. I suggest there are three types of people, which I shall call Type 1, 2 & 3.

Type 1. This type has an innate understanding of the need for budgeting. I am a Type 1. Growing up my parents never discussed how they managed their money. I think they had a quasi-budget. I got married at 27 and up until that time, I did not budget. However, on the day I brought my first pay check home to my new bride from my new post-army job, I knew I had to budget and I did. As with most TRUE budgeters, our family had minimum, if not zero, money issues. Both my daughters, were taught to budget from a young age and did not experience many of the money challenges their peers did.

Type 2. This type likely has had money issues along their way, but did not know how to do things different. They had surely heard of a budget, but have no idea how to do it. So they had money stresses and tried various methods to fix the problem, to no avail. When taught budgeting, they immediately saw its value and embraced it. Although, I have taught numerous people, individually and in classes, budgeting techniques, I do not often know whether they did or did not embrace the idea in the personal lives. However on the ones that I do know that decided to budget, they found their lives changed for the better. J

Type 3. This type knows they need a better way to manage their money and struggle with money stress. Once they learn about budgeting they are taken by the potential help this would be for them; and even though they see value in it, they cannot make it a permanent part of their lives. They may try for a while, but do not stick to it. Their financial life soon deteriorates and the stress that they hoped to eliminate returns. Some blame it on unforeseen events or loss of job, but these can usually be helped by modifying their budget. Often they come to me too late for real help.L

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